We offer a career than just a job. If you love technology, think of us as exciting. Our aim is that we will connect to thousands people with employment and his bring financial freedom.

What are we looking for?

High level of dedication
High quality work
Ambitious and autonomous
Modest and cheerful at work
Willing to learn and work on any technology based on requirements
Fast learner
Ready to accept challenges
Should be capable to work in a team

Our Values

We believe you won't find a corporate culture like ours anywhere else. It's what gives us our edge, and creates agility unmatched by any other firm in our industry. Our culture is underpinned by some core values that have been tended to and nurtured carefully over our 4-year history.

Honesty - Be open, honest and direct to build trust and get at the right answers with our clients and each other.

Originality - Be different... be yourself... be original. Encourage free thinking by giving them space.

Associate - Build long-term, trusted and valuable relationships with our clients, our people and our partners.

Client focus - Create fanatical advocates for Alumnus by providing extraordinary experiences and unprecedented outcomes for our clients and their customers.

We at Alumnus strive to build a career not just a job. Alumnus is an equal opportunity employer.

Life At R. S. World

Working here is challenging!

Learn new technology ... Be responsible for delivering a complete solution to the customer that works from day one ... Mentor your juniors and seniors (and learn from them too) ... Brainstorm with sharpest minds ... Experience diverse cultures from all around the globe ... But you'll absolutely love it.We've created a culture that rewards bright, driven, and fun-loving people.

We are proud of the "City of Joy"!

... And our mission is to make Kolkata proud of us. We're building something meaningful at Kolkata & Deoghar that will last. We try to approach our work with thinking and care, and we want to work with people who do the same & make our city proud.

Small teams, Big Impact

We operate in full-stack project teams, with engineers, designers and domain experts working best replica watches closely together. Teams from 2 to 20 ensure maximum engagement. We are now seeking the next generation that can take our numbers to three digits to handle onslaught of assignments.

Current Openings

We are always on the lookout for bright minds who can contribute significantly to our company's growth.

We are what our employees make us to be and they have made us a company of engineers.

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